Dental Laboratory, Imaging Center, and CAD/CAM Consulting

“Darin and Josh are both very knowledgeable and friendly. They have helped our business greatly in our digital dentistry journey with their insight and workflows. They also provide great products that are delivered quickly.”
– Timothy H.

“Partnering with Innovative Dental Technologies for our same-day smile cases is one of the best things our group has done. They have years of clinical expertise for communicating with the dentist and present themselves professionally with the patients. Both Darin and Josh consistently exceed our expectations and I definitely recommend them to my colleagues.”
– Daniel B.

“AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME guys to work with. Great results and quick turnaround. That fact that they’re nice, and easy to get along with is just the icing on the cake. I highly recommend giving them a shot!”
– Baron G.

“I love the simple, innovative pricing schedule of IDT and the credit they award me for sending digital impressions. It allows me to maintain profitability while also delivering excellent restorations for my patients. Most companies will tell you good, low-cost, and fast. Choose two. Innovative Dental Technologies can provide you with all three.”
– Matthew J.

“*****Five stars! I highly recommend!”
-Pat P.